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Hotel Clover Asoke


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Asoke BTS Skytrain and the shopaholic’s paradise, Terminal 21, Hotel Clover Asoke – SHA Extra Plus emerges like a hidden gem in the concrete jungle. It’s got all the fancy stuff you’d expect from a proper hotel – an outdoor pool, the magical wonders of free WiFi (yes, it’s 2023, and we still get excited about free WiFi), and rooms so cold; you’ll wonder if they’ve secretly packed a piece of the North Pole in every air conditioner.

Now, let’s talk about these rooms. They come with everything you need to feel fancy: a flat-screen TV for Netflix binging, a mini-bar stocked with goodies (for a not-so-mini price, of course), and a cozy seating area where you can contemplate life’s most pressing questions. Oh, and don’t forget the bathroom – it’s got a shower because a hotel room without one would be like a pizza without cheese. Complimentary toiletries are a bonus, just in case you were planning on smuggling shampoo in your suitcase.

And for all the ladies out there who demand nothing but the best, they’ve got a ladies-only floor. That’s right, no pesky dudes to ruin your spa day vibes.

Now, here’s the kicker – they’ve got a fitness room for those who like to pretend they’re still on that New Year’s resolution track, a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds, and a bar because, well, why not? And if you’ve got burning questions about where to find the best street food or which temple to visit next, the 24-hour front desk staff is at your beck and call.

But the real magic of Hotel Clover Asoke – SHA Extra Plus is its location. It’s practically rubbing shoulders with the city center and those towering office buildings. Yet, it’s a stone’s throw away from a park (for all you nature lovers) and an array of nightlife options (for the party animals). And if you need to make a swift exit, Suvarnabhumi International Airport is just a breezy 40-minute drive away. So, if you’re looking for a place that’s equal parts convenient and expensive, this is your ticket to Bangkok Bliss.


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Hotel Clover Asoke nails it! BTS and Terminal 21 right there, rooms are cool, and the staff knows their stuff. Bangkok stay = success.
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What a find! Hotel Clover Asoke is the real deal. Perfect location, comfy rooms, and that ladies-only floor is a game-changer. Can't wait to come back.

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