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Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok


An Overview of the Hotel

If you need a hotel that practically comes with its boarding gate, look no further than Amari Don Muang Airport! This place is so close to Don Muang Airport that you might roll out of bed and onto your flight. And concerning beds, they have some comfy ones waiting for you.

But it’s not just about the proximity; this hotel knows how to host a party, I mean, a meeting. With function rooms that are more well-appointed than your fancy aunt’s living room, you can impress your clients with all the high-tech audiovisual equipment you could dream of. And don’t get me started on the staff – they’re like the James Bond of efficiency, always there when you need them. And guess what? They even have Chinese-speaking staff, so why not add a little international flair to your meetings?

Now, let’s talk about the value you get for your money. You’re not just getting a room; you’re getting a room with a view – of a garden, no less! The swimming pool here is like an oasis in the concrete jungle, with garden views that make you forget you’re at an airport hotel. And when your tummy starts rumbling, there’s a restaurant that’s so good, they only need one. Quality over quantity, right?

So, if you’re looking for a place that’s practically in the departure lounge, has killer meeting rooms, and an Instagram-worthy swimming pool, Amari Don Muang Airport is your ticket to hotel heaven. Plus, they’ve got free WiFi everywhere because, let’s face it, who can live without that these days?


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Amari Don Muang Airport is a lifesaver for jet-setters like me. The proximity to the airport is unbeatable, and their efficient staff made my business trip a breeze. Plus, that garden-view pool is pure serenity. Will definitely stay again!

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