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Boxtel @ Suvarnabhumi Airport


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of airport chaos (the glamorous kind), Boxtel @ Suvarnabhumi Airport offers a cozy escape for those travelers who believe naps should be an Olympic sport. These pint-sized private rooms are your oasis for a quick power recharge, and hey, they come with the priceless gift of free WiFi (because, let’s be honest, what’s life without a good connection?).

You’ll find this little slice of heaven tucked away in the basement, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Airport Rail Link Station that’ll whisk you away to the city center in style. And if you’re not in the mood to hop on a train, fret not because there’s an array of restaurants and a 24-hour convenience store within arm’s reach. You’re so close to the departures and arrivals halls that you might consider this your secret gateway to the high-flying world.

Each room here comes with the magic of air conditioning (because Thailand’s heat can be a real party pooper), and just in case you were wondering, you can use the airport’s bathroom facilities.

They’ve got your back 24/7 with check-in service, so whether you’re landing at the crack of dawn or your flight got delayed until who-knows-when, these guys have got you covered.

Cheers to Boxtel @ Suvarnabhumi Airport, the real MVP of airport convenience! 🛌✈️💤


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Boxtel's airport hideaway is a lifesaver when you need a nap between flights. It's like having a secret retreat right at the terminal.

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