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Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market (or Pratu Nam Market) is a popular and bustling shopping district in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Its vibrant atmosphere, diverse shopping options, and affordability make it a favorite destination for locals and tourists looking for fashion, accessories, and textiles.


Pratunam Market is in the Pratunam district of Bangkok, which is in the central part of the city. 

It is easily accessible by public transportation, including the BTS Skytrain (Chit Lom Station or Ratchathewi Station) and various buses.

Shopping Variety

Pratunam Market is renowned for its extensive range of clothing items, including wholesale and retail options.

You can find clothing for all occasions, such as trendy fashion, casual wear, traditional Thai clothing, and even bridal attire.

It’s also a great place to purchase accessories, shoes, and bags.

Wholesale and Retail

Many shops at Pratunam Market offer wholesale prices, especially if you buy items in bulk.

This makes it a favorite destination for small business owners and retailers looking to source affordable clothing and accessories.

Street Stalls

In addition to the numerous shops and stores, many street vendors sell various items, from clothing to street food.

Bargaining is common in these street stalls, so be prepared to negotiate prices.

Pratunam Fashion Mall

This mall is near the Pratunam Market complex, a seven-story shopping center dedicated to clothing and fashion items.

It’s air-conditioned, which provides a more comfortable shopping experience, especially on hot days.

Operating Hours

Pratunam Market typically operates from early morning (5 AM) until late evening (9 PM).

However, some shops and vendors may have slightly different hours, so checkinbeforehandce is a good idea.

Local Food

While shopping, you can enjoy various Thai street food options in and around Pratunam Market.

Try local dishes like Pad Thai, mango sticky rice, and various types of Thai fried chicken.

Crowded Environment

Pratunam Market is usually very crowded, especially during weekends and holidays.

It’s a vibrant and bustling place, but the crowds can be overwhelming for some visitors.

Nearby Attractions

Pratunam is conveniently located near other popular attractions in Bangkok, such as CentralWorld, Platinum Fashion Mall, and Erawan Shrine, making it a convenient shopping stop for tourists exploring the city.


Bargaining is common at Pratunam Market, significantly ae street stalls.

Be prepared to haggle for a better price, but always do so politely and with a smile.

Overall, Pratunam Market is a shopping paradise for those seeking affordable fashion, accessories, and a taste of local street culture in Bangkok.

It offers a lively and bustling atmosphere that’s uniquely Thai and is well worth a visit for shopping enthusiasts.

Pratunam Market
AttractionPratunam Market
LocationPratunam District, Central Bangkok, Thailand
Known ForAffordable fashion, clothing, accessories, textiles, vibrant atmosphere
Best Time to VisitMornings for less crowded shopping
AccessibilityBTS Skytrain (Chit Lom or Ratchathewi Stations), buses
Shopping VarietyFashion, casual wear, traditional Thai clothing, bridal attire, accessories, shoes, bags
Wholesale OptionsMany shops offer wholesale prices, ideal for bulk purchases
Pratunam Fashion MallSeven-story air-conditioned mall dedicated to clothing
Street FoodA wide variety of Thai street food is available
Crowded EnvironmentTypically crowded, especially on weekends
Nearby AttractionsCentralWorld, Platinum Fashion Mall, Erawan Shrine
BargainingCommon practice, be prepared to haggle politely
Area for AccommodationA popular area to stay in Bangkok due to its central location and convenience

The best time to visit Pratunam Market is in the morning, as it’s less crowded and more comfortable for shopping.

Pratunam Market is renowned for its affordable fashion, clothing, accessories, textiles, and bustling atmosphere.

No, Pratunam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall are distinct but closely located shopping areas.

Pratunam Market is a broader district with various markets and street vendors, while Platinum Mall is a specific shopping mall within the Pratunam area.

Pratunam is a popular area in Bangkok due to its central location, shopping opportunities, and easy access to public transportation.

It’s a convenient choice for tourists.



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