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Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is a prominent cultural institution in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

It serves as a hub for contemporary art, culture, and creativity in the city.

Here are some details about the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre:

How to get there?

Hop on the skytrain to the Stadium National stop and prepare for a cultural touchdown!

You’ll find the center right at the Pathumwan Intersection – where art and creativity meet the intersection of awesome.


The BACC’s building is a striking and modern architectural marvel.

It features a distinctive spiral design with a glass façade that allows ample natural light to illuminate the interior spaces.

The building itself is considered a work of art.


The primary mission of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is to promote and showcase contemporary art and culture from Thailand and around the world.

It provides a platform for artists, both emerging and established, to exhibit their work and engage with the public.


The BACC hosts a wide range of exhibitions, including painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia art, and more.

These exhibitions may feature the work of Thai and international artists, as well as thematic displays that explore various aspects of contemporary culture.

Cultural Events

In addition to exhibitions, the center regularly hosts cultural events, performances, lectures, workshops, and film screenings.

These events cover a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines, fostering a vibrant cultural scene in Bangkok.


The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre includes several galleries, an auditorium, a library, a café, and various spaces for artistic and cultural activities.

Visitors can explore different levels and sections of the building to immerse themselves in a diverse range of artistic experiences.


Admission to the BACC is usually free, but there may be charges for special exhibitions or events.

It’s advisable to check the official website or contact the center directly for current information on admission fees and opening hours.

Support for Artists

The BACC plays a crucial role in supporting and nurturing local and regional artists.

It provides opportunities for artists to interact with the public, gain exposure, and develop their careers within the contemporary art scene.

Cultural Hub

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre has become a cultural hub in the city, attracting art enthusiasts, students, tourists, and anyone interested in exploring the dynamic world of contemporary art and culture.

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is a significant cultural landmark in Bangkok, contributing to the city’s cultural diversity and fostering a greater appreciation for the arts in Thailand.

It’s a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing Bangkok’s vibrant and evolving art scene.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
AttributeBangkok Art and Culture Centre
LocationPathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand
ArchitectureModern, eye-catching spiral design
MissionPromote contemporary art and culture
ExhibitionsDiverse range of contemporary art forms
Cultural EventsPerformances, lectures, workshops, film screenings
FacilitiesGalleries, auditorium, library, cafe, event spaces
AdmissionTypically free, special exhibitions may have fees
Accessible by Public TransitNearest Skytrain Station: National Stadium
Cultural HubFosters a vibrant cultural scene in Bangkok

Admission is typically free, but some special exhibitions may have fees.

Yes, most of the center’s exhibits and events are free and accessible.

The center is easily accessible via public transportation, with the nearest Skytrain station being the National Stadium stop.



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