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Wachirabenchathat Park (Rot Fai Park)

Ah, behold the tongue-twisting wonderland of greenery in the Chatuchak district – Wachirabenchathat Park!

Or, as it’s affectionately known to locals, Vachirabenjatas Park or Rot Fai Park. 

Nestled amidst Queen Sirikit Park & Chatuchak Park, this verdant oasis is the area’s crown jewel.

This park isn’t just your run-of-the-mill patch of grass; it’s the playground, the heartbeat of Bangkok’s outdoor scene.


Once upon a time, it served as the State Railway of Thailand’s golf course, but today, it’s a sanctuary for budding golf prodigies.

If two-wheel adventures are more your speed, a 3-kilometer track has you pedaling with glee.

And fear not if you didn’t bring your bike, for there’s a shop at the starting line where you can rent a bike, so you will be ready to hook up with two wheels of joy.

Attractions in the park

For those with a penchant for leisurely floats, a serene lake beckons with paddleboats awaiting your command. But the surprises don’t end there; venture deeper into the park, and you’ll stumble upon a whimsical butterfly garden that’ll tickle your fancy and educate your curious mind.

Are you feeling pint-sized? Fear not! There’s a miniature city town that packs all of Bangkok’s iconic landmarks into pocket-sized perfection.

It’s like playing tourist without the jetlag.

This scaled-down utopia isn’t just for fun; it’s an ingenious way for kids to master the art of traffic rules while pedaling their hearts out.

If you prefer more active pursuits, sprawling sporting grounds and a refreshing swimming pool exist.

And even a camping site where you can swap stories with the night owls.

And don’t forget your binoculars, because bird watching is a bona fide pastime with the lush trees here.

So, fellow adventurers, pack your sunscreen, dust off your bikes, and unleash your inner explorer at Wachirabenchathat Park – where fun, education, and nature unite in glorious harmony.

Your next adventure awaits!

Wachirabenchathat Park (Rot Fai Park)
LocationChatuchak district, Bangkok, Thailand
Adjacent ParksQueen Sirikit Park, Chatuchak Park
SizeThe largest park in the complex
BoundariesKamphaeng Phet 3 road, Kamphaeng Phet 2 road
Notable FeaturesBiking track, paddleboat lake, butterfly garden, miniature town
ActivitiesSporting grounds, swimming pool, camping site, bird watching
Buddhadasa Indapanno ArchivesSuan Mokkh Bangkok – Dharma learning and edutainment center




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