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Ekkamai Road (Soi Sukhumvit 63)

Ekkamai Road (also known as Soi Sukhumvit 63) is a major thoroughfare in the eastern part of Bangkok, Thailand.

It is a popular and bustling street known for its diverse restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment options.


Ekkamai Road is situated in the Watthana district of Bangkok, a relatively affluent and trendy area in the city.

It runs east-west, parallel to Sukhumvit Road, one of Bangkok’s main arteries.


Ekkamai Road is easily accessible by both car and public transportation.

The BTS Skytrain station, Ekkamai Station (Sukhumvit Line), is located at the western end of the road, making it a convenient transportation hub for residents and visitors.

Dining and Entertainment

Ekkamai Road is well-known for its vibrant dining scene.

Various restaurants offer cuisines worldwide, including Thai, Japanese, Italian, and more.

It’s a popular destination for those seeking international cuisine and trendy cafes. The area also has numerous bars and nightlife options, making it a lively place to hang out in the evenings.


Ekkamai Road is home to several boutiques, shops, and markets.

The street has a mix of fashion, vintage, and specialty stores, making it an excellent place to shop for unique and stylish items.

Residential and Commercial Area

In addition to its dining and entertainment offerings, Ekkamai Road is a mix of residential and commercial properties.

It blends high-rise condominiums, office buildings, and smaller businesses.

Local Culture

Ekkamai Road offers a glimpse into Bangkok’s residents’ local culture and lifestyle.

You’ll find a mix of traditional Thai street food vendors and modern, upscale establishments, creating a rich tapestry of experiences.

Medical Facilities

The road is also home to some medical facilities, including hospitals and clinics, making it a convenient location for healthcare services.

Ekkamai Road is a dynamic and lively part of Bangkok, known for its blend of international and local influences.

It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a culinary adventure, nightlife, or a taste of Bangkok’s vibrant street culture, Ekkamai Road has something to offer.

Ekkamai Road (Soi Sukhumvit 63)

Ekkamai is generally considered a good area in Bangkok, known for its vibrant dining, entertainment, and residential options.

Ekkamai is a popular neighborhood in Bangkok, known for its diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment offerings and a mix of residential and commercial properties.

Ekkamai is located in the Watthana district of Bangkok, a trendy and affluent area in the city.

Ekkamai is located along Sukhumvit Road, and the distance between Ekkamai and central Sukhumvit areas can vary, but they are relatively close, with Ekkamai being part of the Sukhumvit district.

Ekkamai is known for its diverse dining scene, international and local cuisine, trendy cafes, nightlife options, shopping, and a glimpse into Bangkok’s local culture and lifestyle.


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