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Bang Khun Phrom Palace

Ah, the Bang Khun Phrom Palace, a place that’s seen more drama than a soap opera marathon!

Nestled on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, it boasts not one but two dazzling buildings – the Tamnak Yai, facing the road, and the Tamnak Somdet, with a riverfront view.

The primary residence, courtesy of architect Mario Tamagno, flaunts neo-Baroque/Rococo vibes and was erected in 1901–1902.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s abode, designed by Karl Döhring in the Jugendstil or German Art Nouveau style, popped up around 1913.

But wait, there’s more! After a bit of political shuffling in the Siamese Revolution 1932 – picture a royal game of musical chairs – the palace took on new roles.

From government offices to the prestigious headquarters of the Bank of Thailand in 1945, it’s now strutting its stuff as a museum. And hey, it bagged the ASA Architectural Conservation Award in 1993 – the architectural world’s version of a standing ovation!

Now, here’s where you come in. This palace oozes history, charm, and more stories than a library.

So why not pay a visit and soak in the tales of the past?

Discover the secrets behind those opulent walls and be part of the living history. Go ahead, be a part of this royal rendezvous – it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Bang Khun Phrom Palace


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