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Step into the future of retail with EmSphere, Bangkok’s newest landmark in the bustling heart of Sukhumvit

Spanning over 200,000 square meters, this innovative project is set to redefine how we shop, dine, and experience entertainment.

And let’s not forget the IKEA store inside!

Embracing the Future

Dubbed as ‘Future Retail presents the future of the future,’ EmSphere is a fusion of entertainment, innovation, and lifestyle backed by an impressive investment budget. 

This futuristic destination is poised to cater to the evolving needs of today’s generation.

The Marvelous Main Zones

Explore the diverse main zones within EmSphere, each catering to a unique aspect of the modern lifestyle:

Em Galleria:

For fashion enthusiasts, featuring world-class brand-name fashion products, including cutting-edge Thai designs.

Em Lifestyle:

Customized to suit the preferences of the emerging generation, this zone provides a sneak peek into the lifestyle of the future.

Em Mercado:

A foodie’s paradise, serving as the center of the International Food Market, offering street food and leading restaurants from around the globe.

Em Wonder:

A vibrant nighttime hangout zone featuring a beach club, bar, nightclub, and a 24-hour lounge for colorful entertainment.

Em Innovation:

Showcasing cutting-edge products from world-class brands gives Thai people a chance to experience the future today.

Em Park:

A sky-high green area where everyone can relax, doubling as a Pet-Friendly Area.

Highlighted Zones and Exclusive Offerings

Discover highlighted zones that cater to various lifestyle needs, including Thailand’s first-ever Ikea City Store, the 3rd Apple Store, the Tesla Thailand Showroom, and the iconic Shake Shack.

Entrepreneurial Transformation

Over 1,000 leading Thai and foreign entrepreneurs have joined forces to transform Thai retail history at The Emsphere. 

The project introduces four notable highlights, marking the first time in the Sukhumvit area for renowned shops, exclusive concepts, collaborations, and well-known stores from social media and street shops.

Don’t Miss Out on Tomorrow – Visit EmSphere Today!

Immerse yourself in the future of retail and entertainment by visiting EmSphere.

The future is now, and it’s waiting for you at EmSphere!

LocationSukhumvit Road, between Soi Sukhumvit 22 and Sukhumvit 24
SizeOver 200,000 sq. meters
Investment15 billion baht
Main ZonesEm Galleria, Em Lifestyle, Em Mercado, Em Wonder, Em Innovation, Em Park
Highlighted FeaturesIkea City Store, Em Live Arena, 3rd Apple Store in Thailand, Tesla Showroom, Shake Shack
Entrepreneurial ImpactOver 1,000 entrepreneurs transforming Thai retail history
  • The Continent Hotel and The Coach Hotel (1 station away)
  • Quartier Phrom Phong-Thonglor Hotel (connected to EmQuartier)


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