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The National Stadium of Thailand

The National Stadium of Thailand is like the OG sports complex in Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, strutting its stuff since 1937 when they first laid the foundations for the Suphachalasai Stadium – the crown jewel of the joint. 

But oh, how it’s grown since then! It’s not just a one-hit wonder anymore; it’s a symphony of stadiums and sports playgrounds, ready to make your sporting dreams come true. 🏟️💫

Let’s tour the National Stadium’s star-studded lineup of facilities! 

Suphachalasai Stadium, our headliner, boasts a multi-purpose stage complete with a track and field for all those athletic enthusiasts. 

Plus, it’s got a side roof for when the sun’s playing too hot to handle. With a seating capacity 19,793 for sports showdowns and 35,000 for concerts, it’s the go-to spot for Thai FA Cup and Thai League Cup action. 

And don’t forget, it’s named after Luang Supachalasai, the OG Father of Thai Sport! 🏟️🌟

Then, we’ve got Thephasadin Stadium, once known as the Hockey Field, but now it’s all about football, baby! 

With 6,378 seats, it’s where the real footwork magic happens.

And let’s not forget Jindarat Stadium, which started as a medium-level sporting hotspot and practice ground but got a whole new name in 1983 in honor of Jindarat herself. 🏑⚽

For those who prefer making a splash, we’ve got the Visutdrarom Swimming Pool, a shimmering oasis constructed in ’61, named after the legendary Kong Visudharomn. 

And Nimibutr Stadium, our indoor superstar since ’63, is the place to be for boxing, badminton, gymnastics, futsal, basketball, and handball.

Last but not least, the Jhanthana-Yingyong Gymnasium, a ’65 classic in the stadium lineup. 

These facilities aren’t just venues; they’re the life of the sporting party! 🥊🏸🤸‍♀️🏀🤾‍♂️🥅

The National Stadium of Thailand
Suphachalasai StadiumMulti-purpose stadium with track and field. Partial roof on one side. Named after Luang Supachalasai.Sport: 19,793 Concert: 35,000
Thephasadin StadiumOriginally a hockey venue, it is now used for football and named in memory of Naga Devahastin na Ayudhya.6,378
Jindarat StadiumFormerly used for medium-level sporting events and practice. Renamed in memorial of Jindarat.N/A
Visutdrarom Swimming PoolOlympic-size swimming pool with seating for competitions and practices. It is named after Kong Visudharomn.N/A
Nimibutr StadiumIndoor arena for various sports, including boxing, badminton, gymnastics, futsal, basketball, and handball.N/A
Jhanthana-Yingyong GymnasiumGymnasium facility for sports and activities.N/A


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