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Safari World Bangkok

Safari World is a popular tourist attraction located in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is one of the largest and most diverse animal theme parks in Southeast Asia, offering visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of wildlife and entertainment options.

Safari World is divided into two main sections: the Safari Park and the Marine Park.

Safari Park

This section of Safari World is designed to mimic the natural habitats of various animal species.

Visitors can drive through the Safari Park in vehicles or take a guided bus tour to observe animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, and many other exotic creatures.

The park aims to create an authentic safari experience, with animals approaching vehicles often.

Marine Park

The Marine Park at Safari World focuses on marine life and animal shows.

It features a wide range of animal-themed performances, including dolphin and sea lion shows, bird shows, orangutan shows, and more.

These shows are typically entertaining and educational, highlighting the intelligence and capabilities of the animals.

Jungle Cruise

Safari World also offers a Jungle Cruise, where visitors can ride a boat through an artificial river to see various animals, including elephants and crocodiles, in a simulated natural environment.

Feeding Zones

The park has designated areas where visitors can purchase food to feed some animals.

This provides an interactive and hands-on experience for guests.

Additional Attractions

Safari World includes other attractions, such as a botanical garden, a cowboy stunt show, a mini-zoo featuring smaller animals, and various dining options.

Safari World in Bangkok is designed to be family-friendly and offers a mix of entertainment and education.

It’s an excellent place for animal lovers and those looking for a day of fun and adventure.

The park often receives positive reviews for its animal care and the quality of its shows.

Before planning a visit to Safari World, it’s a good idea to check the latest opening hours, ticket prices, and any special events or promotions that may be happening during your visit.

Additionally, consider the ethical implications of visiting wildlife parks and ensure that the animals are well-treated and cared for per conservation and ethical standards.

Safari World Bangkok
LocationBangkok, Thailand

– Safari Park

– Marine Park

Ticket Price (Approx.)1,000 – 1,500 Thai Baht (Varies)
Recommended DurationFull day
Main Attractions

– Animal Shows

– Safari Experience

– River Cruise

Ethical ConsiderationPrioritize animal welfare, support conservation efforts
Dress CodeComfortable clothing, modest attire for shows
TransportationPark’s guided tours are available, and cars are not mandatory
Unique FeaturesVariety of animal encounters, entertaining shows
WebsiteSafari World Bangkok

Ticket prices for Safari World Bangkok can vary depending on the type of package you choose, but expect to pay around 1,000-1,500 Thai Baht for an adult ticket.

Children and seniors often receive discounted rates; additional fees may apply for certain attractions or shows.

Safari World Bangkok is worth visiting if you enjoy wildlife, animal shows, and family-friendly entertainment.

Your enjoyment will depend on your interests, so consider what Safari World has to offer before deciding.

Safari World Bangkok encompasses both Safari Park and Marine Park.

Safari Park offers a safari-like experience where you can see animals in naturalistic enclosures.

Marine Park focuses on animal shows and marine life exhibits. So, Safari World is the more considerable attraction that includes both these components.

Plan for a full day at Safari World if you want to explore both Safari Park and Marine Park, attend shows, and have time for dining and relaxation.

It’s a substantial park with much to see and do, so allocating a day is recommended for a comprehensive visit.

There is no strict dress code, but wearing comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking is advisable.

Remember that you might be outdoors for extended periods, so dress for the weather.

Modest attire is appreciated, particularly when visiting animal shows and cultural performances.

You don’t necessarily need a car for Safari World Bangkok. Many visitors use the park’s guided bus tours or opt for transportation options tour operators offer.

However, having your vehicle can provide flexibility and convenience, especially if you plan to explore other parts of Bangkok before or after your visit to Safari World.



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