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Soi Rambuttri

Soi Rambuttri (Soi Ram Buttri) is a famous and vibrant street in the Banglamphu district of Bangkok, Thailand.

It runs parallel to the well-known Khao San Road and is often considered an extension.

Soi Rambuttri offers a slightly more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere than the bustling and sometimes chaotic Khao San Road, making it a favorite among travelers looking for a slightly quieter alternative.


Soi Rambuttri is lined with guesthouses, hostels, and budget-friendly hotels, making it convenient for backpackers and budget-conscious travelers.

You can find various accommodation options to suit your preferences and budget.

Street Food

The street is famous for its street food stalls and small restaurants serving delicious Thai and international cuisine.

Try classic Thai dishes, seafood, pad Thai, and other street food delights.


Soi Rambuttri has numerous shops and market stalls selling clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and handicrafts.

It’s a great place to pick up unique gifts and souvenirs for your Bangkok trip.

Bars and Cafes

You’ll find a variety of bars, cafes, and street-side seating areas where you can relax, sip cocktails, or enjoy a cold beer.

Some places also offer live music in the evenings.

Massage and Wellness

Many massage parlors and wellness centers can be found along the street, offering traditional Thai massages, foot massages, and other spa treatments to help travelers unwind and relax.

Cultural Attractions

Soi Rambuttri is within walking distance of several cultural attractions, including the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), and the National Museum.

This makes it a convenient base for exploring Bangkok’s historical sites.


While not as raucous as Khao San Road, Soi Rambuttri offers entertainment options such as live music performances, fire dancing shows, and street performers.


While the nightlife scene here is not as intense as Khao San Road, you can still find bars and pubs where you can enjoy a more relaxed evening with friends or fellow travelers.

Overall, Soi Rambuttri is a charming and diverse street in the heart of Bangkok that offers a mix of cultural attractions, dining options, shopping opportunities, and a laid-back atmosphere.

It’s a great place to explore, especially if you want a more tranquil alternative to the energetic Khao San Road.

Soi Rambuttri
LocationBanglamphu district, Bangkok, Thailand
AccommodationGuesthouses, hostels, budget-friendly hotels
Street FoodDelicious Thai and international cuisine
ShoppingClothing, accessories, souvenirs, handicrafts
Bars and CafesRelaxing spots for drinks and dining
Massage and WellnessThai massages, spa treatments
Cultural AttractionsClose to Grand Palace, Wat Pho, National Museum
EntertainmentLive music, fire dancing shows, street performers
NightlifeBars and pubs for a relaxed evening


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