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Wat Saket (The Golden Mount)

Wat Saket, also known as the Golden Mount, is a historic Buddhist temple in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

This temple is renowned for its distinctive golden chedi (stupa) situated atop a man-made hill, offering panoramic views of the city. 

Here are some key details about Wat Saket:


Wat Saket has a rich history dating back to the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767). 

King Rama I, the founder of the Chakri Dynasty, ordered the construction of the temple in the late 18th century during the early years of Bangkok’s establishment as the capital of Thailand. 

He built it on an artificial hill known as “Phu Khao Thong,” which means “Golden Mountain” in Thai.

Golden Chedi:

The most iconic feature of Wat Saket is the golden chedi, which stands at a height of approximately 77 meters (250 feet). 

The chedi is covered in gold-colored tiles and has a gilded spire. 

Visitors can climb a spiral staircase with numerous steps to reach the top, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of Bangkok’s cityscape.


Wat Saket is also believed to house a relic of the Buddha in its chedi, making it a significant pilgrimage site for Buddhists. 

The temple complex includes several other buildings, shrines, and statues, all contributing to its spiritual ambiance.

Annual Temple Fair:

One of the most popular events at Wat Saket is the annual temple fair known as “Makha Bucha Day.” 

This festival typically takes place in February or March and attracts numerous visitors who come to pay their respects and participate in various traditional and cultural activities.

Peaceful Atmosphere:

Despite being located in the bustling heart of Bangkok, Wat Saket offers a peaceful and serene environment. 

The temple’s location on a hill adds to its tranquility, and the lush greenery surrounding it enhances the sense of calm.

Cultural Significance:

Wat Saket is a religious site and a cultural landmark in Bangkok. 

Its unique architecture and historical significance make it a must-visit destination for tourists interested in exploring the city’s heritage.

Dress Code:

Visitors to Wat Saket should dress modestly and respectfully. 

This typically means covering your shoulders and knees and removing your shoes before entering the temple buildings.

Wat Saket, with its golden chedi and rich history, is a testament to Bangkok’s cultural and religious heritage.

It provides a unique opportunity to escape the city’s hustle and bustle while gaining insight into Thailand’s Buddhist traditions.

Wat Saket (The Golden Mount)
NameWat Saket (The Golden Mount)
LocationBangkok, Thailand
HistoryFounded during the late 18th century
Iconic FeatureGolden chedi atop an artificial hill
Chedi HeightApproximately 77 meters (250 feet)
Entrance FeeTypically50 Thai Baht
Number of StepsIt takes around 344 steps to reach the top
RelicBelieved to house a relic of the Buddha
Annual FestivalMakha Bucha Day (February/March)
Dress CodeModest attire (shoulders and knees covered)
  • Remove shoes before entering temple buildings
  • Maintain a peaceful demeanor 
  • No climbing on or touching sacred objects
Cultural SignificanceA significant cultural and religious landmark
ViewsPanoramic views of Bangkok from the top

The entrance fee to Wat Saket, also known as the Golden Mount, is 50 Baht per person.

There are approximately 344 steps to climb to the top of the Golden Mount to reach the temple’s gilded chedi.

It’s a moderately challenging climb, but the panoramic views of Bangkok make it worthwhile.

When visiting the Golden Mount temple, visitors should adhere to the following rules:

  • Dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees.
  • Remove your shoes before entering temple buildings.
  • Show respect and maintain a quiet and peaceful demeanor.
  • Do not climb on or touch sacred objects or statues.
  • Photography is generally allowed but restricted in certain areas, so be mindful of posted signs.



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