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Which part of Bangkok is best to stay in?

Oh, Bangkok – the city that never sleeps, the Venice of the East, the…well, you get the point. It’s big, bustling, and with places to stay that satisfy even the fussiest Goldilocks.

But, when the city spans an impressive 1,569 square kilometers, figuring out where to drop your suitcase can feel like trying to find a tuk-tuk in rush hour – daunting.

So, buckle up! We’re about to embark on a virtual journey across the city’s neighborhoods, helping you decide which corner of Bangkok’s urban jungle you’ll want to call home during your stay.

Which part of Bangkok is best to stay in

The best part of Bangkok to stay in depends on your preferences and interests.

Bangkok is a diverse and sprawling city with many different neighborhoods, each offering a unique experience. Here are some popular areas to consider:


This vibrant and modern area has numerous hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife options. It’s well-connected by the BTS Skytrain, making it easy to explore the city.


Known for its bustling street markets, nightlife, and proximity to the Chao Phraya River, Silom is an excellent choice for those who want a mix of entertainment and cultural experiences.


If you’re interested in shopping and entertainment, Siam is a central hub with several large shopping malls, cultural attractions like the Jim Thompson House, and easy access to public transportation.

Old City (Rattanakosin)

For a more historical experience, consider staying in the Old City area, home to famous attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha).


This area is known for its bustling markets, street food stalls, and vibrant atmosphere. It’s a great place to experience local culture and indulge in authentic Thai cuisine.


Staying along the Chao Phraya River provides a scenic view of the city, and you’ll have easy access to some of Bangkok’s most iconic temples and attractions.

Thonglor and Ekkamai

These neighborhoods are trendy and known for their upscale dining options, boutique shops, and a more relaxed atmosphere.


A popular area for budget shoppers, Pratunam offers a variety of street markets, shopping centers, and street food stalls.

Khao San Road and the Banglamphu area

These areas are iconic and popular parts of Bangkok, especially among budget travelers and backpackers.

Ultimately, the best area for you to stay depends on your interests, budget, and the type of experience you’re seeking in Bangkok.

Remember that the city’s traffic can be pretty congested, so choosing a location near a BTS Skytrain or MRT subway station can make getting around more convenient.

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Which area is best to stay in Bangkok for tourists?

Choosing the “best” area to stay in Bangkok for tourists or first-timers can be subjective and depends on your preferences.

However, based on tourists’ overall appeal and convenience, in my opinion, the Sukhumvit area is often considered one of the best choices.

Here’s why you should choose Sukhumvit:

  1. Accessibility: Sukhumvit is well-connected by the BTS Skytrain, making it easy to travel around the city and visit popular attractions. The Skytrain system links Sukhumvit to key areas like Siam, Silom, and riverside.
  2. Accommodation Variety: Sukhumvit offers many options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. You can find something that suits your budget and preferences.
  3. Dining and Entertainment: The area is known for its diverse dining options, including local street food stalls and upscale international restaurants. You’ll also find a vibrant nightlife scene with bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.
  4. Shopping: Sukhumvit is home to shopping malls like Terminal 21 and Emporium, where you can shop for local and international brands.
  5. Cultural Attractions: While Sukhumvit is more modern, it’s still well-connected to cultural attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and other historical sites via the Skytrain.
  6. International Atmosphere: Sukhumvit has an international flair and caters to a diverse crowd of tourists. English is commonly spoken in this area, making communicating easier for travelers.
  7. Safety: The Sukhumvit area is generally considered safe for tourists and a popular choice for first-time and repeat visitors to Bangkok.

While Sukhumvit is a popular choice, it’s important to remember that other areas like Siam, Riverside, and Old City (Rattanakosin) have unique charm and attractions.

Consider your interests, budget, and the type of experience you want when deciding on the best area for your stay in Bangkok.

And here’s why you should choose Siam Square:

The Siam area is another excellent choice for tourists staying in Bangkok. Siam is a bustling commercial and entertainment district in the city’s heart.

Here’s why Siam is considered a great area to stay for tourists:

  1. Shopping: Siam is a shopping haven with several world-class shopping malls, including Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, and MBK Center. These malls offer various international and local brands, electronics, fashion, and more.
  2. Cultural Attractions: While Siam is known for its modern shopping centers, it’s also close to cultural attractions such as the Erawan Shrine, a significant religious site in Bangkok. It’s also relatively close to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew.
  3. Entertainment: Siam offers a variety of entertainment options, including cinemas, theaters, and performance venues. The Siam area is home to the Siam Niramit cultural show, which showcases Thai culture and history through a spectacular stage production.
  4. Connectivity: Siam is well-connected by the BTS Skytrain, making traveling to other parts of the city easy. This convenience makes exploring Bangkok’s various neighborhoods and attractions more accessible.
  5. Dining: Siam has diverse dining options, from street food stalls to upscale restaurants. You’ll find a mix of Thai and international cuisine to satisfy your culinary preferences.
  6. Accommodation: While Siam is known for its shopping and entertainment, it also offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to more affordable guesthouses.
  7. Vibrant Atmosphere: The area has a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, especially around the shopping malls and entertainment complexes. It’s a great place to experience the modern side of Bangkok.
  8. Family-Friendly: Siam is family-friendly, with attractions like KidZania Bangkok and SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World that are particularly popular among families traveling with children.

Siam’s central location, shopping opportunities, cultural attractions, and connectivity via the Skytrain make it a popular and convenient area for tourists.

Whether you’re interested in shopping, entertainment, or cultural exploration, Siam has something to enhance your Bangkok experience.

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What are the safest areas of Bangkok to stay in?

Bangkok is generally a safe city for tourists, but like any large urban area, it’s important to exercise common sense and take precautions. Here are some areas in Bangkok that are often considered safe and popular for tourists to stay:

  1. Sukhumvit: This area is well-developed and popular among tourists and expatriates. It has a vibrant atmosphere, a good security presence, and easy access to transportation. However, petty crimes like pickpocketing can still occur, so stay vigilant.
  2. Siam: As a major commercial and shopping district, Siam is relatively safe. The area is well-lit, heavily frequented by tourists, and well-patrolled by security personnel.
  3. Riverside: The riverside area, particularly near luxury hotels and tourist attractions, tends to be safe. It’s also a quieter and more upscale area compared to some of the busier parts of the city.
  4. Silom: Silom is both a business district and a nightlife hub, making it relatively safe due to its bustling activity. Just be cautious when navigating through crowded areas, especially during the night.
  5. Pathumwan: This area is home to several major shopping malls like MBK Center and Siam Paragon. It’s usually safe due to the heavy foot traffic and security presence.
  6. Chinatown: During the day, Chinatown is generally safe for tourists to explore. However, it can get crowded and chaotic, so be mindful of your belongings.
  7. Phaya Thai: This area is home to many hotels and has good transport links, including the Airport Rail Link. It’s relatively safe, but remain aware of your surroundings like any urban area.
  8. Ratchadamri: Close to Lumpini Park and some luxury hotels, this area tends to be safe and quieter than some of the bustling districts.

While these areas are generally considered safe, it’s always a good idea to take standard safety precautions, such as keeping an eye on your belongings, using reputable transportation, and avoiding poorly lit or unfamiliar areas at night.

Additionally, it’s a good practice to stay informed about local news and travel advisories before your trip.

What is the central area of Bangkok?

Bangkok doesn’t have a single “main” area, as it’s a large and sprawling city with multiple important districts and neighborhoods. However, a few areas can be considered central and vital to the city’s character and attractions:

  1. Rattanakosin (Old City): This area houses many of Bangkok’s historical and cultural landmarks, including the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). It’s often seen as the heart of the city’s heritage.
  2. Siam: Siam is a major commercial and shopping district with several large shopping malls, cultural attractions like the Erawan Shrine, and a central location. It’s a hub of activity and transportation connections.
  3. Sukhumvit: A modern and bustling area with many accommodations, dining options, nightlife, and shopping centers. It’s well-connected by the BTS Skytrain, making it easy to explore the city.
  4. Silom: Known for its financial district, street markets, and vibrant nightlife, Silom is a dynamic area with both business and entertainment elements.
  5. Riverside: Along the Chao Phraya River, this area features luxury hotels, iconic temples, and a scenic atmosphere. It’s a more tranquil option compared to some of the busier districts.

While these areas are central and significant, each contributes to the multifaceted character of Bangkok.

The city’s charm comes from the diverse blend of neighborhoods, each offering its attractions and experiences.

In conclusion

Bangkok is a captivating city that can be enjoyed in many ways.

From the traditional and cultural sites of Rattanakosin to the modern vibes of Sukhumvit, there’s something for everyone.

Plan and take safety precautions to make your trip enjoyable and memorable!

Choosing the area to stay in can be difficult, but you can learn more about Bangkok’s districts and neighborhoods to find the one that best suits your interests.

For convenient travel and easy access to attractions, Siam and Sukhumvit are great options.

They have an exciting atmosphere, plenty of shopping malls, and various accommodation options. Their central location makes it easily connected to other parts of the city.

Ultimately, Bangkok has different sights and activities for visitors to explore – so don’t miss out! Have a wonderful time, and get ready to experience the best of Bangkok.

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About Me

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